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Welcome to 99 Tech Post, a digital marketing and technology blog where we cover the SEO, Technology, Digital marketing, Blogging, WordPress and Affiliate Marketing related topics.

If you are looking a high quality and well reputed digital marketing and technology blog for guest posting then you have completed your first step of guest blogging as we allow SEO content writers, blogger and digital marketing experts to submit a guest post as a guest author.

 If you are apt to write for us then start to create the content that to be useful for our audience. Firstly, read our guest post guideline and what topic we allow on our blog before starting to create the content.

We are different than other common technology and digital marketing blogger. Words quantity in content is not big thing. Only quality article will be accepted on 99 tech post. One more thing, There is no necessity to be an absolute writer and blogger.

If you are new blogger and writer and you have good knowledge about any topic related to technology and digital marketing then you can feel free to write for us. It will be good opportunity to newbie blogger to show skill.

Your written content should be written according to Google search console guideline. Content should be informative and catchy with proper ways such as Heading and sub heading that help to user in understanding the article.

You can send your guest post content on below email id for review.

Content Table:

What Topic We Accept on 99 tech Post

 SEO, Digital Marketing, SEO tools, software’s, case studies, and technology.

Blogging tips, blogging tools, blog marketing, and link building.

Making money online tips and ideas, and Running an online business.

WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes, WordPress Page builder

Website promotion, website ranking, website designing and development

Social media marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing

SMO, PPC, Mobile Phone, App Development, Andriod apps, Iphone apps

Mobile Gadgets and business technology and game.

 Guest post Submission Guidelines:

(1) Your article should be unique and free from grammar mistake; also it is specifically written for 99techpost.

(2)  Article title shouldn’t loner than to 76 characters.

(3)  Content length should be minimum 600 words and should cover the all topic, each one also know that half cocked food nobody like. Also if you want to add inforgrafic then you have to provide some content 200 words to represent the Infographics

(4)  Your content shouldn’t publish on other site; we will remove it immediately if we have found you have published your article on other blog sites.

(5) One thing you have to remember that 99techpost.com will not accept article if it is already added. If you want to write for us then you would have to follow the following blog guideline. Read the blog guideline carefully.

(6)  Send images that represent your article, it should be free images, you can take image from Pixabay, Flickr,  Pexels.

(7)  You are free to add video in your article to support article, you need use proper url of video, feel free to use the youtube URL.

(8)  You can add one link in article body and other link in the bio of the author. Also you can add one link of social profile likes facebook, google

(9)  We will take one business day to review your article if it match to guide line post it.

(10)  You can send the article(s) in “*.DOC“, “*.DOCX“, “*.TXT” or “*.RTF” format.

(11)  Add only natural keywords in your article to make it natural.

(12) I think LSI keywords will be best fit in content to make it more natural; you can generate the LSI keywords with help of some tools.

(13) Provide meta tag for your guest post article. Meta tags would be help to improve guest post ranking in SERP. So Read Google webmaster guideline and send Title and description. We will add these meta tag with your post.

Visit to lsigraph.com, and inter your keywords and solve the Captcha and generate LSI keyword for your guest post article.

Author Bio:

I think, Guest blogging is uncompleted without the author bio, because it show that who has hand to create this quality content.

Author Bio Contain Following Things:

  1. Your full name
  2. Headshot and add getavatar on your email id.
  3. Add link on your brand name, Exact match anchor not allowed in author bio.

Editing in Your Guest post:

We have team of expert content writers. They will review your post first. Content will be matched with our blog guide line, in case of not matched, they will ask you to make changes in article as they suggest you. Your article won’t be published before your approval.

How it Benefits You?

Referral traffic : Submit your guest post and get niche referral traffic from guest post. Our blog has good traffic from all sources such as Google, bing and social media. You will also receive the more traffic if your post will be on home page.

Inbound link: Get high quality natural backlink (Do-follow link)  will really help to improve your ranking in SERP. Also Google will count this link as natural link and your site will be free from Google penalty.

Life time Post: Post will remain online on our blog for life time. There are some guest post sites owner that delete your post after some time but we are genuine guys will keep your gust post on my blog for life time.

Sharing networking platform: post would be shared on different networking platform to make your post more popular.

Published very quickly:  We will not keep your article in pending for long time, and take one business day to post it if it match to our blog guideline. So read blog guest post guideline and start to prepare the content for guest blogging.

How You Can Find US on Google : Guest Post Search Queries

I know that finding the high quality guest post sites is not easy thing. But you can find 99techpost .com by searching some guest post search queries on Google.

Keyword phrases used in Google searches:

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99techPost is on top in SERP for these guest post search queries. You can suggest this blog to your other friends through brand name and search queries.. Contact us - Write for us

Why You Should Contribute a Guest post on Our Blog?

There are three reasons that can encourage you to submit guest post on 99techpost.com

(1) Majestic Back links Report

Majestic is the back links analysis tools. I am using it from last 2 year. Below screenshot will show that, citation flow, trust flow and backlinks of the 99techpost.com. I think, these SEO matrix will help you to check the quality of my blog and help you to make the decision for guest post submission to our blog.

Trust Flow: 25

Citation Flow: 38

Referring domains: 711

(2)Website Domain Authority:

Website Domain Authority is one of the important thing that comes first in your mind when you go for guest post submission on sites. Website DA represents the domain authority of the blog. If blog has good DA then keywords of such a blog rank well in search engines. So everyone check website DA before sending the guest post request to webmaster.

99 Tech Post DA :  30

(3) Alexa Traffic rank : 15463

Alexa tool show the Alexa rank according traffic of the blog. Many guest bloggers use this tool to check the SEO matrix of the blog. Our blog have good global Alexa rank that always impresses the bloggers and digital marketers to submit the guest post here. Alexa Traffic rank till Jan 2022. You can also check our audience Geography that help you to know our audience locations.

(4) Google Analytics Report:

it’s free tool that used by all blogger and digital marketing expert. Please have a look on 99 tech post last 3 month traffic report.

If you are happy with 99 tech post traffic and back links reports, then you are welcome here to write for us.

Submit Your Guest Post Article:

If your article is ready with above mentioned guideline then send it to techmaya29@gmail.com.

If your article needs any changes, I will get in touch with you to let you know about changes. 99techpost.com always appreciate well written and quality web content. Do use grammar corrector tool to evaluate grammar mistakes of your content before sending it to us. You can join the seo training course to learn the guest blogging in detail.

How to Get Started

Take a first step by sending the inquiry email for guest blogging.  Contact US on below email.

Guest posting  FAQ

Is Guest Post Link Permanent?

Yes, Link from guest blogging will be permanent. You should also make sure to site owner that link will permanent or not when you send the guest post inquiry email to them. By the way, bloggers always mention all thing about guest blogging in your blog guide line. So you need to read to blog guest post submission guideline before sending a guest post proposal to them, then start to write a guest posting content.

Is Guest Blogging Still Effective Off-page SEO Technique

Guest blogging is one of the effective technique for improve the ranking. I have been using this technique for my bog and getting the better search engine ranking. So you should keep guest blogging on first priority when you make the SEO plan for your website.

Guest posting  off page SEO technique is not only known for creating quality backlinks, but also used for growing the organic traffic to your blog. Finding the high traffic and authority blogs can be a tricky task for you. I have mentioned some guest post search queries that will help you to find the niche and high quality blogs where you can easily contribute a guest post for better digital exposure.

I am suggesting this searching method as through this trick you will find the blogs that are ranking high in SERP and these blogs have decent traffic that can help you to send the more traffic to your blog.

Does Guest blogging Help to Create the Contextual link?

Contextual link is clickable text that is surrounded by text in the body of content. Getting the contextual link is not easy thing with other Off page SEO technique but, with guest posting I make sure that you will get the contextual link that boost your keyword ranking in SERP.

Contextual links play very crucial role when Google launches the any update to improve the search engine result quality. These contextual links tell to crawlers about the target keywords for particular pages. But now these day, Google is giving more importance to anchor text diversity, that's means, You should not use the same anchor text for many time to rank the keywords.

Does Guest Posting Help to Create the Dofollow links for Your Website

Yes, If you are actively looking to build the Dofollow link then you should choose the guest blogging off page SEO techniques as It is being used by the top marketer and blogger for better SEO result. I always put it on first priority for creating the quality links. I know that guest blogging is not simple process to proceed.

Dos Guest Posting Help to Drive the Traffic to your Blog

Really, guest posting can work for you if you want to drive the more traffic to your bog. But your thinking is only to get the backlink through guest blogging with poor content then it won't work for you to drive the traffic. You will need to prepare the quality and lengthily content for sending the more traffic to your blog.

Why We should avoid to use Copied Content for Guest Blogging

As you know that content is considered king in SEO. Despite this, If you use the copied content for guest blogging and try to earn the link from unethical way, then you are doing big mistake that can demolish your website ranking in SERP.

One more thing is that Google crawler has also stopped to index the copied content that's written by you for guest posting and getting the link from third party blogs. That's why, we use the unique and informative content for guest blogging, by this way ,you can improve your relationship with bloggers.

Is Guest blogging link Spam Free Link?

Getting spam free link is not super simple for those who don't have idea's to understand the back link quality, which link will work or not. But I have been using this technique for 3 year and guest blogging is still helping me to earn the contextual and spam free backlink.

So I make sure that link earned by you through guest posting will be beneficial for creating quality link and improve your website ranking in SERP.  

Should I Use Blogger Outreach Tools for Guest Blogging

It's depends on your guest blogging budget. If you are bind with SEO budget, then I will not suggest you blogger outreach tools as most of tools charge for their services. But, by using these tools, you can make your guest blogging task trouble-free.

They will provide you a list of the bloggers with complete details such as guest post publication charges, blog SEO matrix and website traffic. Each guest post tool has own dashboard to manage all activities that occur between the publisher and clients.

If you are the client and you have subscription of any blogger outreach tools then you have saved your 30% time of pitching the bloggers and take approval for guest post topics.