High DA Free Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022

Link building is a part of the SEO and your website ranking improvement in SERP is not possible without  link building. Social bookmarking is also a useful SEO link building technique that can be used for creating the natural and high quality links that liked and crawled by search engine.

If you are SEO expert and looking for free social bookmarking sites list then you have completed first step of searching the quality Dofollow social bookmarking sites as we have created the effective and unique list of social submission sites that can help you for building the backlinks to claim good position in SERP.

Social bookmarking sites also work well to improve the brand awareness and drive huge traffic to your blog. So choose the top SBM sites for your SEO campaign and start to bookmark and share your contents on top high DA social bookmarking sites that have good traffic.

Why include Free Social Bookmarking in SEO?

Free Social Bookmarking site has huge link juice if your site is added here definitely it will transfer link juice to your site and help in ranking, according new google update you don’t need to search do follow and no follow sbm sites as google want natural backlinnk.

It’s my own experience, I thought, ranking depend on do follow backlink , but I was wrong , and started to build do follow backlinks in huge quantity after  some time google banned site.

Following is list of High quality sbm sites, we have added site here according to site domain authority (DA), you should submit your site on each SBM sites in india to get more audience.  Social bookmarking helps in improving ranking of your keyword related to best web design services

Social Bookmarking is a Way to Improve the Ranking of Your Site or Blog

To increase the page rank of any website is the most valuable factor. Every website or blog requires proper SEO techniques to get huge organic traffic and more conversions.

Today, marketing experts apply various digital marketing methods to enhance the value of your website or blog. Social bookmarking is one the most effective SEO techniques. It is an off page SEO techniques. Most of the experts use this method to enhance the ranking of the website.

There are various do-follow and no-follow social bookmarking sites, experts choose the high page rank do follow sites to perform social bookmarking task. This tasks help to get backlinks for your site, this is the reason, experts love this process and use it more. This process is not so difficult, but without the knowledge, no can use it. So, today we bring light on the exact procedure of using social bookmarking sites list india. Blog commenting sites also work fine to earn the quality link and drive the traffic.

See, how to use these sites and improve the worth of your website on search engine.

How to Use free high pr social bookmarking submission sites list

  • Find out and create the list of high page rank do follow social bookmarking websites.
  • Choose one by one site to perform the task.
  • Register on the site with your username, password and email id.
  • Open your account and click on the Add New Post button.
  • Now, a form appears containing blocks like Website Address, Subject, Keyword or Tag, Image, Description, etc.
  • Fill the whole form with correct information in the blocks.
  • Insert the high quality and business relevant image in the form.
  • Now, click on the Post button of the form.

In this way, you can complete the entire process of bookmarking easily and speedily. But, a significant thing you must keep in mind which is that you must put correct information about your website and correct website address in the form, otherwise your task considers as spam. And it doesn’t help to improve your website. Hence, always fill accurate details of your website or blog.

The social bookmarking is a method to bookmark your website on the web, so you can read them anytime and anywhere. This the main benefit of using bookmarking process. With this benefit, the social bookmarking process has several other advantages to enhance the health of the website. See the benefits of social bookmarking and know the significance of this process.

Benefits of Free Social Bookmarking Sites

  1. Help to make Viral your content
  2. Build Your Brand awareness
  3. Improve SERPs
  4. Help in crawling for new published content when you share those content on SBM sites.
  5. Help to Decrease bounce rate
  6. Get relevant Traffic by sharing content
  7. Earn the quality backink and improve your backlink profile
  8. Improve Page authority and domain authority
  9. Upvote to increase visibility
  10. Social bookmarking sites are User friendly where anybody can manage bookmark here
  11. Don't need more time to add your stuff and share story on SBM site
  12. It creates interaction with the users which increases the popularity of your blog or website.

All the benefits show you the significance of social bookmarking sites to make popular your site or blog everywhere on the web. As we know that social bookmarking is an off page SEO activity, so anyone can perform it by getting proper guidance.

There are so many off page SEO activities you can find, but social bookmarking is really a very effective activity, here you can easily post your content relevant to your website or blog and make it online. Find free social bookmarking submission sites list without registration with 99techpost.

NOV 2022-Dofollow Social Bookmarking Submission sites List - Updated

  1. http://ttlink.com/
  2. http://www.updatesee.com/
  3. http://www.ridents.com/
  4. https://www.bookmarkrush.com/
  5. http://www.mykith.com/
  6. https://bookmark4you.online
  7. http://www.kenplanet.com/
  8. https://myfreelancerbook.com/
  9. https://diigo.com/
  10. https://www.bibsonomy.org/
  11. https://dzone.com/
  12. https://in.pinterest.com/
  13. https://plus.google.com/
  14. https://tumblr.com/
  15. https://www.stumbleupon.com/
  16. https://www.reddit.com/
  17. http://www.pearltrees.com/
  18. https://www.scoop.it/
  19. http://digg.com/
  20. https://bookmarkspider.com/
  21. https://myaajkal.xyz/
  22. https://aajkaltrends.club/
  23. www.hitechdigitalservices.com/
  24. https://aajkaltrend.com/
  25. https://webdigitalonline.com/
  26. https://videosongguru.com/
  27. https://thehealthvinegar.com/
  28. https://bookmark4you.online/
  29. https://urlshortener.site/
  30. https://freebookmarkingsites.xyz/
  31. https://freedofollowsocialbookmarkingsites.xyz/
  32. https://freesocialbookmarkingsiteslist.xyz/
  33. https://highdabookmarking.xyz/
  34. https://highdabookmarkingsites.xyz/
  35. https://highdasocialbookmarking.xyz/
  36. https://highsocialbookmarkingsites.xyz/
  37. https://socialbookmarkingsitesfree.xyz/
  38. https://socialbookmarkingsiteswithhigh.xyz/
  39. https://book-marking.xyz/
  40. https://bookmarkshub.xyz/
  41. https://freebooksubmission.xyz/
  42. https://freemarkingsubmission.xyz/
  43. https://digitalagencyservices.xyz/
  44. https://freesubmissions.xyz/
  45. https://freebookmarking.xyz/
  46. https://hitechserve.xyz/
  47. https://hitechservices.xyz/
  48. https://hitekservices.xyz/
  49. https://thebookmarking.xyz/
  50. https://thedigitalagency.xyz/
  51. http://www.bookmarkifys.com/
  52. https://tutpub.com/
  53. https://dzone.com/
  54. http://www.startaid.com/
  55. http://todays1051.net/
  56. https://linkgeanie.com/
  57. http://url.org/
  58. https://www.metafilter.com/
  59. http://seobookmarking.club/
  60. http://bookmarking.info/
  61. http://seokhazanatools.com
  62. http://www.youbookmark.online/
  63. https://www.backlinkusa.com/
  64. https://seo-hubs.com/
  65. http://www.ewebmarks.com/
  66. http://www.bookmarkdiary.com/
  67. http://www.bookmarkwiki.com/
  68. https://www.seositespro.com/
  69. https://www.aileensoul.com/
  70. http://www.designfloat.com/
  71. http://www.startaid.com/
  72. https://netvouz.com/
  73. http://viewbookmarks.com/
  74. https://bidinc.org/
  75. http://www.fearsteve.com/
  76. http://www.boostkeyword.com/
  77. http://sfcsf.org/
  78. http://addthismark.com/
  79. https://www.activebookmarks.com/
  80. http://wirefan.com/
  81. http://coolpot.com/
  82. https://www.bookmarkbay.com/
  83. http://atlasassistans.net/
  84. https://www.a2zbookmarks.com/
  85. https://freebookmarkingsubmission.net/
  86. https://avader.org/
  87. https://www.bookmarkmaps.com/
  88. https://www.bookmarks2u.com/
  89. https://seomast.com/
  90. https://backlinksplanet.com/
  91. https://www.bookmarkdeal.com/
  92. https://www.votetags.com/
  93. https://www.bookmarkfeeds.com/
  94. https://www.bookmarks2u.com/
  95. https://www.socialbookmarknow.info/
  96. https://www.bookmarkgroups.com/
  97. https://www.bookmarkinghost.info/
  98. https://www.bookmarktalk.info/
  99. http://www.seosocialnews.info/
  100. http://addthismark.com/
  101. http://pr7.highdabookmarking.com/
  102. http://map.highbookmarks.club/
  103. http://only.highbookmarks.club/
  104. http://pr6.highdabookmarking.com/
  105. https://lovebookmark.date/
  106. http://seofiverr.com
  107. https://socialbookmarkingmentor.com
  108. https://socialbookmarkingworld.com/
  109. https://ppc.socialbookmarkingworld.com/
  110. http://highbookmarks.club/
  111. https://www.highseoonline.ga/
  112. https://myseooonline.bookmarking.info/
  113. http://www.startaid.com/
  114. http://myhq.com/
  115. https://www.bookmarkzoo.win/
  116. https://www.bookmarkdiary.com/
  117. https://www.anibookmark.com/
  118. http://us.bookmarkstar.com/
  119. https://www.socialwebmarks.com/
  120. https://www.bookmarkfollow.com/
  121. https://www.bsocialbookmarking.info/
  122. https://drikdir.com
  123. http://www.socialbookmarkssite.com/
  124. https://www.sociopost.com
  125. https://freesocialbookmarking.org/
  126. http://dictaf.net/
  127. http://lymelightwebs.net/
  128. http://cosap.org/
  129. http://www.sbookmarking.com/
  130. https://prbookmarking.club
  131. https://addthismark.gq
  132. https://www.publicbuysell.com/
  133. https://www.jobsrail.com/
  134. https://www.a2zsocialnews.com/
  135. https://www.bookmarkinbox.com/
  136. http://getabookmark.com/
  137. https://godsmaterial.com/
  138. https://samaysawara.in/
  139. http://www.startaid.com/
  140. https://www.bookmarkgroups.com/
  141. http://www.video-bookmark.com/
  142. https://joy.goarticles.info/
  143. https://happy.prbookmarking.club/
  144. https://map.highbookmarks.club/
  145. https://www.bookmarkmonk.com/
  146. https://lymelightwebs.net/
  147. http://www.jodohkita.info/
  148. https://www.101bookmark.com/
  149. http://www.free-socialbookmarking.com/
  150. http://www.letsdobookmark.com/
  151. http://www.freebookmarkingsite.com/
  152. https://www.freewebmarks.com/
  153. http://www.social-bookmarkingsites.com/
  154. http://www.socialbookmarkingwebsite.com/
  155. https://www.freewebmarks.com
  156. http://sqworl.com/
  157. https://pagebookmarks.com/
  158. https://teslabookmarks.com/
  159. https://pearlbookmarking.com/
  160. https://hitechdigitalservices.com/
  161. https://urlshortener.site/
  162. https://blogmarks.net
  163. https://socialnetworkadsinfo.com/
  164. https://bookmarksclub.com
  165. https://bookmarksmywebs.com/
  166. https://freebookmarkstore.win/
  167. https://bookmarkbirth.com/
  168. https://linkgeanie.com
  169. https://bookmarkingpage.com/
  170. https://www.wishlistr.com/

Dofollow New Approved Social Bookmarking sites List - Nov 22

I have searched some new social bookmarking sites high pr for you… all below site are verified and checked. You can feel free to share your bookmark here.

These new social bookmarking sites list 2022 will work fine to improve your brand awareness..

Create your account on following 1000 social bookmarking sites list and submit your bookmark.

I will update list top free social bookmarking sites India for seo as I received some new bookmark sites…

Please let me know if you find quality Dofollow social bookmarking sites 2022. I will add it in our list after review. You can share new social bookmarking sites through blog comment section.

I have used all above Dofollow social bookmarking submission sites, all are working and you can improve the online presence of your blog. Also share your blog post on these social bookmarking sites.

How to Do the Social Bookmarking  Step by Step?

Submit the social bookmark on High Pr bookmarking sites is not big thing. You can submit the bookmark easily by follow some steps. Your first task in SEO may be social bookmarking submission if you are the fresher in Digital marketing.

I am also digital marketing expert and I submit the social bookmark only high quality sites as they have good link juice.

Diigo.com is one of the most site from my list and today I will show you how to do bookmarking

Follow some basic steps to submit Bookmark on Diigo.com

  • First Hit Diigo.com in your browser. Click on signup Button to register here
  • This site will show three to four options to become member here. You have click on free plan; there are some limited features with that.
  • Fill up the register form and submit it.
  • You will receive the verification on your email id, verify it and Sign in at Diigo.com.
  • Click on plus Sign and select the option of social bookmark Here.
  • Enter your website home page or blog post here and click on next.
  • Fill up this below form and click on add to submit the social bookmarking here.
  • You can see your book marking can be seen on the top of user profile. Keep this bookmark in your sheet by clicking on the Tag.

I think, you have enjoyed all steps to do social bookmarking, same steps you can repeat for other bookmarking sites but there will be some difficulty to find the option of social bookmark. If you have confusion for above steps, Drop your queries in comment section I will solve them.

It’s  not end of my article below are some quality bookmark sites for you.

Is social bookmarking still effective 2022?

Yes, it's still working and will also work in upcoming time. social bookmaking submission is one of the best off page seo technique to improve the ranking on the website and work very well to boost the brand awareness.

I use this SEO process from last three years and still I am getting the amazing result with it. But first you have to learn how you have to use this technique.

I share the my newly blog post link on top social bookmarking sites to reach the niche audience and also get the quality back link from these sites. Don't believe on rumor like social bookmaking has stopped to work . It will work for SEO in future and help you to generate the good result.

Top Free High PR social bookmarking sites List 2022

Top USA Free Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022

Social bookmarking sites are highly effective to boost the traffic on a website and it and help in various manners to market your web page. It can also help with the services and the article that’s why you can easily rely on relying on such websites and their services. If you don't want to invest in the advertisement, then the social bookmarking sites are also taking your website to the next level by providing slightly more traffic than usual.

Instead of jumping to the top 10 social bookmarking sites list India, it will be better to check out the major services offered by them and what are these. Social bookmarking platforms have plenty of websites where one can easily enlist own website, and he/she is capable of sharing articles, images and videos to gain more traffic easily. Even one can search for the right type of services and much more.  This process is mainly called like the social bookmarking.

The below given are some of the best and well known bookmarking sites that offer a great result, and you can try out each one without any issue.

  1. Digg.Com

In term of the free listing option, Digg.com is widely preferred, and it offers plenty of tweaks that make this social bookmarking site as the best one. Due to the ease of bookmarking your website, it becomes the reliable and top option among all. This website was found in 2012, and it is providing the most relevant services, and you can easily find compelling content from millions of users. Due to such reasons, you can try it out without any issue.

Domain Authority   : 98

  1. Stymbleupon.Com

Listing your website is extremely easy on this platform, and you just need a Gmail account to begin. This community is owned by eBay, and there are thousands of people using it. As this bookmarking website is popular, so, you can find great traffic on this platform, and that will be redirected to your website very easily. Such things make everything easier and highly reliable. You can try it out without any issue.

Domain Authority           : 97

  1. Delicious

The well-known source that is quite the best one among all due to free listing option and good domain authority rating is Deliciouos.com. There is a great convenience offered to list your website that's why you can try it out without single trouble. Because of being the open platform, it is highly reliable and you can get great use. Begin using this platform and obtain maximum traffic on your website.

Domain Authority           : 96

  1. Folkd.com

Among all the popular names, Folkd.com is most preferred for popular links. It is a platform with huge traffic, and it offers social bookmarking and the social search that makes it better and highly reliable platform to use. The quality traffic is essential to make your website reach more people, and you can easily try it out. Even if you gain a little traffic, you will be seeking for quality traffic here.

Domain Authority            : 75

  1. Reddit.com

One can create the topic on Reddit.com and share any sort of content here from stories to links and images also. This platform is clogged with gaming discussion but now, people started talking about other topics also, and it is capable of providing great traffic. If you have a website with technical content, then this social bookmarking platform is surely helpful in it. One can rely on this platform without any issue and try it out.

Domain Authority            : 98

  1. Bizsugar

On this platform, you can expect great quality traffic. This platform offers you a wide range of features, and it is best for small businesses. In order to have a good start of your website, you can try it out without any issue. Even this platform can help you increase the visibility of your website that’s why it is better and reliable option to go for.  If you don't want to spend money, then this platform is a great option because it is totally free and better to prefer.

Domain Authority            : 63

  1. Slashdot

With the domain authority rating of 94 on Slashdot, this social bookmarking website becomes the effective and reliable solution that can easily fulfill your need with ease. One can share articles, links, videos and other data that can help in obtaining more traffic easily. There are thousands of people using this platform due to higher effectiveness and ease of using. You can start now by creating an account and listing your website.

Domain Authority            : 94

  1. Scoop.it

Among all the options, Scoop.it is quite a different option, but it serves the purpose perfectly. You get the free listing option that makes everything easier, and it is also capable of building a great online presence. You can obtain more traffic on your website way effectively, and it is used by thousands from a long time. You can share the links on social media channels, and it will increase the traffic in most of the cases.

Domain Authority            : 85

  1. Fark

Social networking news websites are also effective to increase the traffic on your website. Fark.com is a social networking news website, and there are lots of people using it. The quality traffic is easy to obtain from this platform, and it offers you the free listing option that's why it is a reliable source. There are thousands of people using it to increase traffic on their websites. It is really easy to use and reliable also.

Domain Authority            : 75

  1. Newsvine

The last social bookmarking site in this list is Newsvine, well known because it is one of the oldest and you can start by registering on it. Create an account, and you are ready to go without a single issue. You are capable of publishing articles and other interesting links to drive the traffic on your website.

Domain Authority            : 89

Some individuals are asking that why they should take help from we heart it for social bookmarking services. In reality the platform is available with a good audience base. Another important factor related to the platform is regarding the interface.

Anyone can easily understand the platform and get that how to access its services. All these factors are becoming useful in getting quality backlinks that can provide assistance in achieving online business objectives.

The individuals those are interested in the social bookmarking with the help of academic kind of content they can focus on the use of Diigo. It offers numerous useful features for the researchers, students, educators and other academic related professionals. It becomes better for uploading the content which is based on the analytics, statistics and good research

Instapaper is also a social bookmaking sites where you can share your links and can tags best content with your friends. it also allow you to keep your story article for offline reading. So Create your account on it and start to share your thoughts here and earn the link.

Crazy backlinks is also listed in top social bookmarking site that allow you to share your post here and earn the quality backlink. I also use this site to improve the brand awareness.

Mozy link is well known for social bookmarking sites. if you are thinking to promote your business online then social bookmarking can play the important role to build a brand.

BibSonomy is a leading social bookmarking site on which you can share your post and bookmark the great stuff on BibSonomy. It allow you to share your newly published blog post and highly relevant research-based material. Improve your brand awareness by bookmarking here.

Pearltrees is also one of the best social bookmarking site that you can use it for branding activity. Pearltrees provide the platform to share and gather the quality content here. I  recommend Pearltrees for social bookmarking,  Keep it on top in your social bookmaking sites list.

Dzone is also a very useful social bookmarking sites for software developer. It is amazing platform to developer where they can share, read and learn some more about the software technology. But making your bookmark live on this site is not easy thing. Your content  will be published after admin approval.

Medium also allow to users to bookmark important stuff. You can keep this site on top in list of social bookmarking sites if you are handling the SEO of your website. Share your personal stories on Medium.

Flipboard is also a well known social bookmarking sites that used by top blogger and SEO expert to share quality information. It curates the word top stories for which you are looking.

Kirsty is the content aggregator and social bookmaking sites that allow the users to share quality stuff and well design slideshows. It is easy to use and bookmark that you want.

Pocket is very nice designed social bookmarking sites that is being used by marketers to make brand and improve the brand awareness. It also allow you to share the important and well cooked content here. You can tag your content with your friends and other people who are connected to you. Pocket has 22m users all over world that make it more popular on web world.

Tumblr is one of the best micro blogging Network. it allows to user to share the content and multimedia.  Tumblr is also available for social bookmarking where you can share your newly published post and tags in your niche to grow blog traffic. I also use it as sbm site and got good result. Tumblr is a authority site that is used by many blogger and seo expert to improve the ranking.

Crazybacklink is also a great social bookmarking site that are available for digital marketer, bloggers to share content and new idea's with friends. I would like to recommend this site for social bookmarking.

Mix is also a popular social bookmaking site where you can add your bookmark for later. It allow you tag and share the content with your friends.

But your bookmark can be rejected by the Mix, if you use the same description and title that are used by you on other bookmarking sites.

 Mix helps you to get the quality link too for SEO ranking. So keep it in your link building resources list for creating the quality link for your blog.

Pearltrees is also a useful social bookmarking site that should be in your list of social bookmarking sites when you promote your business online. One thing, I like about the Pearltrees is that it's simplicity that make it differ to other social bookmarking site.

Pearltrees offers you platform that allow you to share the and collect the new content. So don't forget to promote your business on this amazing social bookmarking site.

Pinbord is also one of the best social bookmarking site that should be in your list when you have decided to do the SEO of your website. Pinbord allow you to share your content and tag valuables information with your friends.

You can also use the category filler to find quality content for repurposing content. So keep it in your database for submitting the social bookmark and improve the ranking of the website.

Why you Should Choose the Best Social Bookmarking Sites

As you know that social bookmaking is one of the effective SEO technique that help you to improve your website and blog ranking. But, sharing and bookmarking of your content on bookmarking sites is not big thing.

Your selection of bookmarking site is also matter more while you doing the social bookmarking submission for your content. If you choose the high authority social bookmaking sites for bookmarking submission then possibility of ranking improvement increased.

Why You need to Start Social Bookmarking If You Can Just Use Your Browser

Really, some time before it was very difficult to understand the difference between social bookmarking sites and browser bookmarking. but now everything is cleared about on Bookmarking.

when I joined the seo, I also confused with that. We can easily save the great website on browser by bookmarking technique, but  bookmarking the good sites on your browser and share with your friend it's not enough thing.

on the other hand, we talking about the social bookmarking sites that is totally differ from the browser bookmarking. Social bookmarking sites allow us to browse recently added items that belong from different categories like shopping, technology, politics, blogging, news, sports.

There are enough information available on free social bookmarking sites that can be easily tagged with your friends.

Social bookmarking is the nice SEO technique to improve the brand awareness, where you can share your newly published post and tagged with your friends.

Instant Approval Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022

Latest Free Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022 {Below 50 DA}

S. No.Free High DA Social Bookmarking WebsitesDomain Authority (DA)

I am sure about that these social bookmarking sites will really help you to improve your site traffic and authority. Please try on all sites and give your feedback through comment.

Do Free Social Bookmarking sites pass more Link Juice?

Link Juice is very important thing when you are going to off page seo for your website.

Link juice will be passed for your blog when site webmaster assign do follow backlink.

No-follow link means no link juice, so SEO expert try to get the do follow link .

But some Social book marking sites pass good link juice for your blog. I also shared my newly blog post on social bookmarking sites to index the post quickly.

Benefits of getting the good link Juice

  • Link juice improves your site DA.
  • You can improve your google ranking by social bookmarking.
  • Improve your site Page Rank, but nowadays Google has stopped to give the more importance to Page Rank.
  • It’s time of getting the Backink from such site that have good traffic.

Drive the Traffic on your blog through Dofollow social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the fastest way to improve brand awareness hence, Blogger share newly created post on social bookmarking site. These site are very helpful to improve reach and index your blog post.

Reach your target audience; social bookmarking site has huge traffic, that’s why blogger bookmark your newly created post here.  Simply set your niche by choosing the category and earn the good Traffic.

Save your hard money by sharing your content on social bookmarking sites.

How to Find the Dofollow & High DA bookmarking sites?

Bookmarking sites play very important role to improve your brand awareness.  Bookmarking sites are not designed for SEO purpose means getting the backlink . If you are new in SEO and thing that these sites will help in ranking then you are on wrong path.

There are many techniques to find the good social bookmarking sites.  I always use the following techniques to search the new sites.

  • Forum: Forum site also a good source to find the bookmarking sites. Many experts are available here to guide you to search the sites. Newbie Seo experts create the thread on forum sites such “how to find the good social bookmarking site “ then they receive the good answer from the expert.  You should visit SEO forums for social bookmarking sites.
  • Blogger: if you are searching the top social bookmarking sites in Google then you will find the top blogger site in SERP that will have the latest list of the bookmarking sites. They also update your blog on regular interval.  So Bloggers can help to find the good sites.
  • Join SEO Groups on social Media:  Everyone know that value of the social media in this era. I will advise you to join best seo Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to find the list of new social bookmarking sites.
  • Google Search Queries:  You can also find the list of Dofollow social bookmarking sites by using the Google search queries as Google displays updated sites on top in SERP for all queries, So you can also find the list of updated free social bookmarking sites. Some bloggers and digital marketer always keep your blog up to date by adding quality content on their blog at regular interval. We also update our blog on weekly basis, So you can also find the update list of Dofollow social bookmarking sites on our blog .

Social bookmarking sites allow the sponsor Ads?

Really, Social bookmarking sites earn the money by placing the advertiser ads.

I started the paid marketing campaign on reddit.com and I got the good traffic on my blog. In starting, I have faced some problem to creating the ads here.

You can also promote your business on bookmarking sites USA through Paid and Free.

Sometime these sites charge too much to placing the ads, it’s also depending on your website Niche.

Pros of Using Free Social Bookmarking Submission Sites 2022

  • A social bookmarking site is the right source to drive the relevant traffic. Hence the blogger and digital marketing expert use these social bookmarking sites to create the back link.
  • You can easily signup on some high pr social bookmarking sites and share your newly published blog here and your post will go live instantly.
  • Social bookmarking sites allow you to generate the backlink for your blog easily.
  • Create the more exposure for your content as you bookmark your own links.
  • Social bookmarking submission is a pure white hat technique that used by top bloggers. You can see good effect on ranking if you are using this technique properly..
  • Social bookmarking sites also help in indexing your newly post. Google Crawler index your post when it find your post on social bookmarking sites.

Cons of using Dofollow Social bookmarking sites

  • You also know that many low authority social bookmarking sites Australia are available online that allow us to share your links, but such type SBM sites ca heart your blog SEO and your ranking might be dropped. So choose only high quality social bookmarking submission sites and post your links on them and improve your brand awareness.
  • I have noticed that many blogger and SEO expert use the same title and description almost all social bookmarking sites. It’s not good SEO tactics. So avoid using the same description and save your blog from spamming.
  • Many social bookmarking sites are hosted on same IP, So first check the IP address on social bookmarking sites, if you find same IP then avoid these sites as sometime google panelize this type sites that are hosted on same IP and allow the users for spamming.

Free Automated Social Bookmarking Tools

As we know social bookmarking submission is very effective seo technique to improve the brand awareness.

But we submit the social bookmark on some selected sites and sometime we don’t time to share your content on social bookmarking sites.

Don’t worry,

Automated social bookmarking tools are available online that can help to handle this time task. But you will have to use these tools smartly, don’t use the same username on all bookmarking sites, and keep the variation in anchor text.

Some digital marketing agency uses the social bookmarking tools to create the link in bulk. That not recommend by the blogger.

Following are the automated social bookmarking tools.


Onlywire is the first automated social bookmarking tool for link submission. It is suggested by the top expert and working great with wordpress. We can say, it is one of the best machines for automatic submission. Some digital marketing agencies are using this tool for your client. It is very affordable. It also allows you to use the official Onlywire plugin on wordpress.

Create your account here and use it on free of cost..

Social Marker

Social maker is also useful tool to save your time for bookmarking submission. It’s one time process; create the account on all bookmarking sites. I think, it’s browser base tool that can allow you to submit the social bookmark on above 50 sites.


It is also listed in semi-automated social bookmarking tool. First create the account manually and you can add your bookmark and need to bookmark other. I used this tool many time and got the good result with it. If you have the paid version of this tool then you don’t need to earn to credit to submit the bookmark. You can directly submit the social bookmark

Empire Marketing Tool:

If you are using the empire marketing tool or thinking or using it, you can do that. It allows you to get the bookmarks of 10 social bookmarking sites. To use that, you do not have to do many things; all you need to do is enter your URL, and there you go!

Social Bookmarking Demon:

It is the software which is quite similar to OnlyWire, but the best part is that this software has many more sites that you can submit and offer you some advanced feature. If you are a person who is looking for a website that generates the backlinks and provides more traffic through the social bookmark sites, then it is the best tool that you can have; it also offers many more features, which are mentioned below-

  • Create Random usernames
  • Scheduling options
  • Use proxy servers
  • Auto Verify your emails
  • Create multiple description and titles for each bookmarking services
  • Unlimited Pligg and scuttle sites
  • Scheduling Options
  • Auto Ping Your Bookmarks

Sub Digger:

If you are interested in Digg, then it is the best software that you can choose because it will save your time. With the help of a sub digger, you will easily browse through your friend's dig and use their custom submission bar.

If you will use this, then all you need to do is enter your dig username in the field. After that, the sub digger will put all your friends’ submissions, and it will make it easy for you to view the content of your friend quickly and easily.

At last, you may have understood completely about the different social bookmarking software and how beneficial it can be. According to me, I would love to use the social maker site because I love it, and it does offer so many benefits. Rest it your choice, which software is suitable for you as every software have their own features.

Advantages of Free Social Bookmarking Submission

One of the best ways that I think helps in improving your SEO ranking is through Social Bookmarking sites. Nowadays, running a business is hard because of the increase in competition, which is why you need to create a simple and interesting website. In addition, you need to ensure you are creating high-quality backlinks.

But have you ever wondered how you could do that? How can social bookmarking sites help you with this? If you want to understand, then you are in the right place. Here I have explained everything essential for you to know about social bookmarking  and how you can implement this techniques for better ranking in SERP. So let’s take a look over here!

(1) Help to Boost Website Traffic

We are doing all these things to drive the traffic to website and generate the more lead for business. Social bookmarking can also do same thing for you if you use this off page SEO technique properly.

People visit your website by visiting your shared link on social bookmarking sites when they find your content priceless . So always create the content which people want to see as all blog post won't drive traffic to your blog.

You will have to find out what is trending now in online market and which type content can help to boost more and relevant traffic to your blog.  Never forget to share your content on top social bookmarking sites after creating the content.

Almost social bookmarking sites are available for free to share the valuable content and drive the traffic.

(2) Help to Boost Social Signal

Social signal also play very effective role when you looking for better ranking on SERP. It's also Google ranking factor, if you have more social signal in compare to your competitors than chance of getting the good position on SERP is increased for you. So We always not only focus limited techniques to improve the ranking and traffic.

We always update our list of social bookmarking sites that can help you to boost your social signal, so choose as per your need and start sharing your quality content on these sites for better SEO ranking and social signal. Keep yourself active on these top social bookmarking sites and improve your brand awareness too.

(3) Improve Organic Search Rankings on Google

Social Bookmarking sites can be the best and most powerful ways through which you can create free backlinks. It will help in increasing the ranking of your websites on search engines. You should have a super plan to implement social bookmarking techniques for getting the organic ranking.

It offers several positive impacts on the ranking, which will improve the authority of your webiste and is also a convenient way that helps in improving the search engine ranking.

(4) Accessibility

Do you know what the best thing about social bookmarking sites that is love is? It is that you can get access to the websites from anywhere. It is not restricted to any one platform or computer. Just because you are not near your system at home does not mean you will be able to not share the photos or videos with your friends or family.

There will be nothing that can restrict you. On the contrary, it means you can get access to social bookmarking sites so easily and anywhere. But you need to ensure that you have a proper internet connection and can access it from anywhere.

(5) SBM Sites Helps in Getting Viral

There can be several different tools that help in increasing the SEO ranking of your blog. You can consider using different techniques. It is where Social Bookmarking comes in. It will help improve your blog's popularity pr visibility among the viewers.   

With the help of backlinks, you can get the chance to increase traffic. It will help make your content unique and interesting and attract more users. Once people attract more users, that will help you go viral. 

Steps To Follow To Grow Traffic Using Social Bookmarking Sites

There are so many strategies that a marketer has to create in order to provide high-quality traffic on their website.  

If you will ask me, then I would say that social bookmarking sites UAE can be the best and most effective way to drive more and more traffic. Now, you may be wondering what social bookmarking is? These are the website that finds different articles that are based on the interest of people, and through that, you can get the chance to connect with others. You will know which websites people like the most it will be quite informative and helpful for you.

It is important for the person to get proper knowledge about social bookmarking and learn about the steps through which they can grow traffic on their website, and those steps are mentioned below.

(1) Content

What is the most important thing or what people see when they open your website? The Content! It is the essential thing that you need to give; a person has to offer the best quality content so that they can get a high ranking on the web page. 

You can attract the users in many different ways, like If I have written content for some website, then it will provide every information that I can in a very descriptive way but not in lengthy. Better to connect with people, let your content speak and build trust in people’s minds.

(2) Headlines

What attracts the most is the headlines of the article or the content that you have written. A user will not even read the article if he or she does not find the headline attractive or interesting.

While writing the headlines, you need to make sure that it is catchy and compelling, which compel people to read out the entire content. To get the top ranking, you need to get the attention of people and, for that, use the best headlines in the content.

(3) Descriptions

The headline is what catches the attention of people and description is the thing that holds them. Though headlines will help you in getting the attention of people, if you want to hold that attention or keep it, then the description is quite important.

There are people who may like your headline but are not attracted by the description may not read the content even though the content is top-notch. Just play with the words and get something exciting from social bookmarking submission.

(4) First Paragraph 

Now the part of getting attention is done, here comes the real game, the content. People will only read the whole content if they find the first paragraph interesting. If in the first paragraphs things are not clear and people do not think that it can be beneficial for them, then they may not read the whole content. The first paragraph should provide a glimpse of your content, and that is why do every possible thing that a person can get so that it will look amazing; it should have simple words but needs to be interesting.

(5) Submission Time

Submission time, of course, there will be time for submitting the content on these social bookmarking sites, and that’s why a person needs to hurry and post as much as content they can. It will be an amazing opportunity, so if you do not want to lose that, then without wasting a single minute, utilize that time in posting the best content that you have if you want to get on the front page.

(6) Right Category

Before submitting the content, one thing that you need to make sure of is to check whether you are submitting that to the right category or not. For instance, if you have written the content on Fashion and beauty, then you should submit that under that category only, and if you do not add under the right category, then you will get nothing from there.

(7) Profile

Once all these things are done, and people like the content that you have written, then they may check the profile of the writer, which means the person has to maintain their profile. So that more people will know about you and get attracted to them. You can even add various links to your profile, and people may feel suspicious.

(8) Language

The language of your content is what matters the most; you should write the content in a language that is understandable and in simple words so that people will not get any complications while reading that. It should be in simple language that people will find easy to understand and if possible then try to write always in English.

(9) Collaboration 

To increase the reach of the people on your website, you can collaborate with other brands or websites that will increase your reach all over the world. It can be a great opportunity for business to increase their reach worldwide and get maximum exposure. Social media platform can't be ignore when you are looking to increase the reaches, But you should have the effective strategies with good budgets.

(10) Publish the right thing

To get the attention of the people, you need to make sure that the content you have posted is right and there are only true facts mentioned in there. Therefore, before getting it published, it is important to check the content properly to not create any problems later.                                                         

FAQs About Free Social Bookmarking Sites in 2022

Following are some FAQ that will make easy to understand all thing about social bookmarking.

What Is Social Bookmarking Site?

Social Bookmarking Sites is an online portal that helps users like us to share, edit and add different types of web documents. If you talk about me, then I used to spend most of my day online and saving pictures so that I could share that with my friends and family.

With social bookmarking, you can simply add those posts and save them, just like adding a bookmark to a book. Then, when you bookmark that post, users can return to that page later whenever they want to, as they are available online.

Now, with these social bookmarking, you will not have to copy the URL or anything in the documents. Instead, you can easily save the webpage online and enjoy watching it later. But before you start using it, let me help you understand how it can prove beneficial for you.

Social bookmarking Help in boosting the Website SEO?

Yes, Social bookmarking sites really work fine to boost the website SEO and also help to improve the brand awareness. I will not suggest you to add the bookmark on each SBM sites. share your post only on high quality top free social bookmarking sites.

What is Definition of Good Social Bookmarking Site?

Finding the quality social bookmarking sites is not easy thing and which Free social bookmarking sites can add much value to your blog is also important thing. Check the spam score and traffic of SBM Site. remove the site from your list if you find the high spam score as this type social bookmarking sites can harm your SEO ranking

Can Google Penalize Your Blog for too much Bookmarking Submission.

Yes, your blog can be penalized by the Google if your add the bookmark on many low quality social bookmarking websites. Check all matrix of the SBM sites before using them as it can help you to save you blog from Google penalty. Check the site Spam score and identify bad links that are liked to your domain then disallow them with help of Google's Disavow Tool.

Does All Social Bookmarking Sites Provide Dofollow Backlink

I will say Yes and  NO as it depend on the social bookmarking site webmaster who handle the all activities on site. Some social bookmarking sites India can give you Dofollow link. But you don't think more about the link status. SBM site help you to improve the brand awareness.

In starting of my SEO carrier, I also think that if i will get the more Dofollow links then ranking will improve. But now creating back link in bulk is not working best to rank in SERP. Google has applied very strict roles and regulation for ranking.

Good ranking in SERP is possible when you do very good on your level. Google provide the best result for all search queries, this thing make it different from other search engine

Does Social Bookmarking Submission Help to Drive Traffic on Blog

Defiantly, Social bookmarking sites help to bring traffic on you blog. SBM sites allow you to do many operation such as sharing newly published post and tag it with other users that belong from your niche. So first decide your target audience and how you can approach users to visit your blog. Many bloggers are still using this off page seo techniue for getting the link and drive traffic for their blog.  I also personally recommend you to use social bookmarking technique and get benefits of it.

How to Find Quality SBM Sites List

Yes, Finding new social bookmarking sites is not easy thing for those who are new in blogging and SEO. Actually, they don't have any technique to search social bookmarking sites.

There are many ways to find new and quality social bookmarking sites such as contact to Pro blogger and SEO expert, they can make easily available social bookmaking sites for you as they work hard to search quality social bookmarking sites. Digital marketing forum sites are also great place to get free social bookmarking sites list.

You can also use the social bookmarking search queries to find the high quality free dofollow social bookmarking sites . First, you have to think about that which type social bookmarking sites you need to make your SEO link building campaign success. For example, if you are looking for Dofollow social bookmarking sites list, then you will have to use the " Dofollow social bookmarking sites list " as search queries in search engine.

Is Social Bookmarking Link Permanent

Yes and no, how long time your link will be live on social bookmarking site is depend on SBM sites.

If you make submission on low quality sites that are already listed as spam in google data base, In this case your link can remove automatically.

If you want that your social bookmarking link will always be live for life time, then you need to submit your bookmark on top quality sites that work fine for SEO perspective. You can find list of top social bookmarking sites in starting of this post.

As far as I know, Back links you earn by using the any seo technique will never be permanent for long time

There are many reasons for link removal, some time link removed by site owner, due to some Google core update, they can remove your link to make their website safe from Google penalties

How Should Be Social bookmarking Description

Bookmarking content is a very important thing for SEO perspective, It should contain simple words that are super simple to understand and interesting.

Your description should be matched to your headline, Many users can avoid your content if your title and description are not relevant.

Don't need to stuff the keyword in the social bookmarking description, Over SEO optimization can drop your site ranking when Google release new update.

Should I use the Social Bookmarking Tools?

Your SBM description should be free from grammar and spelling mistake. Use the grammar tools to make sure that your provided content is useful and informative for users.

Yes, You can use the social bookmarking tools to improve the brand awareness. But make sure first that tools you are going to use to manage the bookmark is good for your campaign or not.

So check out tools pros and Cons before making purchase. I would recommend to do it manually when you do bookmark yourself then you will have the complete control on it.

Sometime, these tools make the big mistake of using the same description and title on different SBM website.  

As per as I know social bookmarking don't take more time, one bookmark take 3 or 4 minute if you description and account is ready. If you are actively looking the social bookmarking tools then it will be hard to ignore Onlywire, Social Marker and SocialAdr.

Is Social Bookmarking Submission Easy to Proceed?

I will say, Yes. It is very simple SEO off page technique to drive the traffic on your blog and earn  the quality link from social bookmarking sites. You should have Title, Description and website  URL.

Simple create the account on social bookmarking submission site and verify the your account through email and click on add bookmark and fill your link information and submit your bookmark.

Approval of your submission depend on social bookmarking sites, some sites will make your link live instantly and some SBM sites take long time for approval.

Does Social Bookmarking Sites Accept the Copied Description?

No, Social bookmarking sites never accept the copied description. If you will try to submit the bookmark with copied description. They can remove your account permanently. So avoid to use the same description on different free social bookmarking submission sites.

Accepting the same description is also depend on the social bookmarking sites. High quality SBM sites never accept the copied description. Some low quality sites can agree with you and accept your duplicate content. Using same description can destroy your site ranking.

Can I Share My New Blog Post on Social Bookmarking Sites

Yes, You can share your new blog post on high quality social bookmarking sites list. Sharing blog post URL on free social bookmarking sites help to improve the indexing speed. We also share the new blog post on Dofollow social bookmarking sites list. These SBM sites will also pass the link juice for your blog that improve the authority of your blog.

Why Social Bookmarking Sites Delete Your Bookmark

There can be many reasons of removing the social bookmark or your link from social bookmarking submission sites such copied description, same Title, share the same post many time to create the backlink. But, it's not a exact way to use the social bookmarking submission sites to promote your website. In this case, they can remove your bookmark or post from free social bookmarking sites.

Each quality SBM sites have their guideline of bookmark submission if you follow guideline of them, then I make sure that your link will be live for life time on social bookmarking submission sites.

Recommended for you

Below are some useful SEO link building resources that will help you to earn quality backlink for your website.

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I hope, you got some new here about Social Bookmark.

Thanks for visiting here and consume my post data, share you feedback through comment..

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