Top 5 Educational Apps for iOS and Android in 2020

There was a time when smartphones were used just for contacting someone on social media and entertainment purposes. But now, people are thinking of ways to be productive even when they use their phones. Though you can’t stop your kids from using phones, you can stop your kids from wasting their time on social media and instead learn something by installing educational apps. All this has been made possible since people started focusing on educational app development.

With educational apps installed in smartphones,  either Android or iOS, learning has been made available anytime and anywhere. Now since schools and colleges are closed due to coronavirus, the need of educational apps has increased among students. Hence we present the Top 5 Educational Apps for iOS and Android in 2020.

Google Classroom

Google Classrooms is one of the best educational apps for both Android and iOS devices. This app has made it very easy for teachers to check on student’s progress. Since classes are conducted online, teachers organize the lesson for students to do as homework. And the other day, they check if the student has finished the assigned task or not. This has smoothened the process of studies and made it easy to access the kid’s progress.


Are you interested in learning a foreign language or increase your knowledge of vocabulary? Duolingo is app for you! Duolingo helps to learn a language in a creative way so that one does not lose interest. You can learn more than 30+ languages from Duolingo while playing games.

The best thing about the Duolingo app is that you get access to its forum where you can interact with people who speak a different language than you and hence learn faster. You can also participate in leaderboard competitions to earn XP which unlock more ways to learn a language.


edX is an educational app for people who wanted to study in elite universities like Harvard, Oxford, MIT, etc. You can still get the knowledge provided there with the edX app installed on your phone.

edX gives you access to over 2000 courses from top universities in form of video lectures that you can access anytime. Also, you can get the handbooks for the course you are doing in edX application.


Mathematics is a very interesting subject for some while confusing for others. But no one can deny the fact of being stuck in a question for too long. Photomath is a learning app that made understanding mathematics very easily with multiple explanations. All you have to do is take a photo of the question and you will get the solution to that in no time.

It is considered to be one of the best learning apps for students for both iOS and Android platforms because of the depth with which the solution to a problem is explained.


Udemy is an app not just for students, but for people of any age. Udemy is an Online Video course app where you can learn almost anything. From knitting to app development, you can learn almost anything there making it one of the best education apps.

It has around 120,000 courses that you can learn. The best thing is that all the courses are from verified experts who help you throughout the course. Though most of the courses are paid on Udemy, you can still find free courses in every area by a different expert. android app development company can help you to build the educational app.

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